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EDPM Roof (rubber roofing)

This is not a new thing in general its been sold and used for over 40 years, nowadays it’s become much more popular with the domestic market with uses from out houses to full house roofs.

So why clean it, Well unless you had it fitted you wont know that it needs to be cleaned 2-3 times a year to enable the UV coating a chance to work, also from a warrenty point of view you have an obligation to keep it clean and free of potential hazards, It will also give a chance for the roof to be inspected giving you the chance to have any potental issues to be nipped in the bud before they become bigger and more costly.

We clean the roof using the soft wash systems branded soft wash this gives you peace of mind as the product is guaranteed and as a rule we do not need to walk on the roof to apply it.

Thanks to our new soft wash specialist team who have the latest in commercial and domestic sanitizing techniques and equipment, not only does this mean a more efficient usage of chemicals and equipment but it also means we have a 0% chance of damage too your roof.

Let us give you a free budget plan to take care of your EDPM roof and give you piece of mind that your warranty will be valid, and your roof will last the 50 years that it can!
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EDPM Roof Cleaning
EDPM Roof Cleaning

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