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Commercial Torc Cleaning

Quickly and safely clean up marked and stained surfaces without the use of chemicals.

What is TORC cleaning?

Developed from JOS cleaning, TORC uses low air pressure and inert granulate to safely target the surface area using a swirling vortex motion. Unlike sandblasting, it is very gentle and does not damage the surface being cleaned.

When should you consider TORC cleaning?

Whether there’s marks and stains caused by paint or graffiti, or the natural build up of limescale or carbon, TORC cleaning is a delicate but highly effective form of cleaning. It can be used to remove unwanted paint jobs, restoring the natural stone or brick underneath. It can remove bird droppings and stains on facades and garden features. It can even be used on intricate surfaces such as stonework and ceramic tiles.

How does TORC cleaning work?

TORC cleaning uses very little water, only 25 litres an hour, as it combines the use of water with gentle air pressure and fine inert granules. This means the areas being cleaned are not saturated and dry quickly, and the surface underneath is undamaged. Our professional equipment and highly trained team will be able to give you fantastic results with TORC cleaning and restore your property and surroundings to its former glory. 

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TORC Cleaning Service covering Southampton, Hampshire, and across the south coast

We work with Councils, Housing Associations, Block Management Companies, Property Management, Property Maintenance, Letting Agents, and Business Owners.  

Our specialised TORC cleaning service can remove build up and staining from:

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Cleaning gutters, removing and disposing of hedgehogs, placing grills on down pipes

The job was done efficiently, everything was cleaned up and the workman was very polite

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House walls (masonry cladding), garden pathways and drive, patio and rendered outbuilding walls

So pleased with results. Highly recommend. Fast, efficient, professional, thorough. Good price and friendly teams you can trust….

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Gently remove unwanted and unsightly stains from your property and stone work

At A Plus Clean we use the best TORC cleaning equipment to ensure a safe and long-lasting clean that will help maintain the look of your property. 

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