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Domestic and Facade Cleaning Services

Domestic Render Cleaning

Save on costly repainting, avoid future damage, and make your property look as good as new.

When considering getting your render painted, consult with a professional facade cleaning company to inspect the surface. Facade cleaning can often restore it to an ‘as new’ standard. Painting without proper cleaning only covers the root cause, allowing the issue to return.

Render cleaning without the necessary skills can cause serious and irreparable damage. Surfaces should be appropriately treated before any cleaning work begins, effectively killing off spores to prevent regrowth. Once cleaned properly you are left with a surface which is bright, clean and restored with no damage to the render.

Give your render, the new lease of life it deserves with professional facade cleaning. Render easily becomes infested with microorganisms such as algae, which at best leaves streaks of black and/or red and at worst, leaves the whole façade looking faded and dirty.

Using a combination of safe cleaning and treating methods, we can effectively clean & sanitise your render giving a full building facelift.

Want your property to look as good as new?

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Render Cleaning Service covering Southampton, Hampshire, and across the south coast

We’re specialists in external wall cleaning, we clean all types of rendered walls across all types of properties, including:

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Cleaning gutters, removing and disposing of hedgehogs, placing grills on down pipes

The job was done efficiently, everything was cleaned up and the workman was very polite

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House walls (masonry cladding), garden pathways and drive, patio and rendered outbuilding walls

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Enhance the value of your property and avoid the risk of future repairs

At A Plus Clean we use the best equipment and environmentally friendly chemicals to ensure long-lasting, great results for your rendered walls.