A Plus Clean: Your Ultimate Partner for Void Property Services and Maintenance

At A Plus Clean, we bring an extensive wealth of experience to the forefront of void property management and maintenance services. With an annual track record of successfully handling many void properties, we deeply understand the critical need to swiftly turn around vacant properties. Our primary focus is on minimizing expenses and financial risks for social landlords by significantly reducing key-to-key turnaround times.

We’ve taken a strategic approach by assembling our own in-house teams dedicated solely to void property maintenance. These teams consist of skilled and seasoned professionals who excel in handling a diverse range of tasks.

Our reputation shines brightly among clients due to our consistent delivery of complete solutions that encompass property security, repair, and maintenance. Our comprehensive services include:

Our expertise

is highly adaptable; whether you’re in the realm of social housing, commercial offices, or leisure facilities, A Plus Clean possesses the capability to tackle a wide spectrum of property challenges. We achieve this while adhering to a cost-effective approach that places safety and sustainability at the forefront.

Elevate your void property management and maintenance experience with A Plus Clean. Our holistic solutions redefine the standards of property upkeep and management.


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