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Reliable brick and stonework cleaning that takes the job out of your hands.

Looking for a reliable brick and stonework cleaner in Southampton ?

Is your brick or stone exterior in Hampshire in need desperate need of a comprehensive clean? Brick and stone have been revered as construction materials for centuries, prized for their robustness and ageless charm. Yet, constant exposure to weather and environmental elements can degrade these materials, causing them to accumulate dirt and wear over time.


Why spend your time & energy when you can use a professional brick and stonework cleaner?

Brick and stone are particularly susceptible to retaining moisture longer than other building materials, fostering the perfect conditions for the growth of moss, algae, and mold. This not only detracts from their appearance but can also lead to significant structural damage if ignored, potentially incurring considerable expense for repair or replacement.

What approach do you take to ensure the preservation of brick and stonework during exterior surface cleaning?

At A Plus Cleaning, we understand that aggressive cleaning methods, such as high-pressure washing, can do more harm than good to your brick and stonework. Therefore, we adopt a gentle yet effective approach to cleaning your exterior surfaces. Our technique involves the use of low-pressure washing with super-heated water, carefully removing dirt and grime without compromising the integrity of your brick and stone.

Where a stubborn staining is present, we are able to utilise the Torc by Stonehealth, this combines low air pressure, water and a safe, inert fine granulate, the TORC system uses a gentle swirling vortex to clean delicate masonry. This innovative approach, developed over several years, uses less water and granulation than the original Jos system. With an interchangeable nozzle cone, the unit can clean large and small areas alike, from ashlar to intricate building details.

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Reliable brick and stonework cleaners in Southampton, Hampshire, and across the south coast

In addition to our machinery options, we have the knowledge and ability to utilise specific chemical treatments to ensure a thorough cleanse. These specially formulated chemicals are designed to target and eliminate biological growths and other contaminants, preventing their return and extending the life of your brick and stonework. 

Our methods guarantee that your brick and stone surfaces will be treated with the utmost care, preserving their beauty and durability while providing you with a quick and efficient cleaning service. If you’re looking to revive the exterior of your brick or stone building to its original splendour, A Plus Cleaning is here to assist. Reach out to us today to breathe new life into your property.


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Clean and spotless brick and stonework

If you’re looking to revive the exterior of your brick or stone building to its original splendour, A Plus Cleaning is here to assist.

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