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Why should you repair or replace your UPVC?

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UPVC is pretty robust, but over time the weather and debris could cause damage that means you need to repair or replace your UPVC, particularly the gutters. If you don’t, you risk further problems such as water damage, not to mention it can look unsightly and devalue your property.

How do I repair my UPVC?

It’s possible to repair some UPVC problems yourself, but to ensure the best look and long-lasting results we recommend using a professional. We can mend cracks and holes in your UPVC, as well as remove scuffs, scratches and staining. 

How do I replace UPVC?

If your UPVC is beyond repair we recommend getting it replaced. Leaving damaged UPVC can cause you more serious and costly problems in the future. We can replace soffits, facias, gutters, doors and windows to restore your property back to its best.

How We Help

UPVC Repair and Replacement in Southampton, Hampshire, and across the south coast

We can provide a full UPVC repair and replacement service which can include:

  • UPVC doors and windows
  • UPVC Gutters including downpipes
  • UPVC Fascias
  • UPVC Soffits

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