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Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Imagine your looking out of your window gazing at your nicely trimmed grass and your perfectly pruned bush then from the corner of your eye you spot it, yes its that patch of green you slipped on last year and its still not been cleaned.

Dirty algae covered patios or pathways yes are very unsightly but more than that they can be a danger tops of stair ways edges of drive ways they all need to be cleaned and maintained to not cause slip hazards.
We all know it can be done with a pressure washer but really? Do you want to spend a nice sunny day getting covered in bits of green stuff and sandy bits? Why not let us do it for you? yes we charge but in this modern day and age when every one seems to work much more than they play time has a real pound note value. We here at A plus not only have the correct equipment to clean quickly and efficiently we also tidy up after our selves leaving your drive way or patio looking like the day it was laid.

Yep we even clean your lower windows that have just been covered in that same green algae that was previously on the floor (because that does happen)

We can also offer a re-sanding service and sealant if wanted for block paving and repointing for patios and pathways should you decide you wish to make your out areas have that just laid look.

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