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EDPM roof Commercial

More and more commercial buildings are covered in this cheap but very effective roofing material, Rubber is great for heat retention and allows you to have a white colour added to it so it reflects UV rays keeping the building cooler during the summer.

While this roofing is a cheaper alternative to the normal tiled roofing it does have one small down side, the warranty is governed as all warranties are and that is that the owner must take reasonable care and carry out reasonable maintenance to the roof.

So what is reasonable care and reasonable maintenance?


This is simple really, don’t allow people to run all over the roof with hard soled shoes potentially putting holes or dents into the membrane, if you see a hole you must get it patched.

Really if you take sensible measures to make sure the roof is not damaged by careless behaviour you should be fine on this front.


This one is some what simpler however this one will cost you either in valuable time and money or just money, either way it’s just as painful as paying for a MOT or service on your car you know you need to do it but really there is something better to spend your money on.

We offer a free budget plan so you can take any hassle out of this process it will save you time and possibly money, we can use our award winning soft wash system to sanitize the EDPM roof and then give a budgeted sanitizing process that you know will keep the roof in warranty and give it the life span of 50 yrs. that it should give.

What do we do that’s different?

Looking at this picture does this give you an idea of what not to do?

1st and foremost the company has placed a man with a scrubbing tool that uses water to clean on a roof that gets very slippery underfoot when wet. Not the best idea the operative is very likely to slip and fall causing damage firstly to himself and secondly to the rubber roof.

2nd He’s using a high-pressure rotary cleaner that works by squirting very high pressure on the surface being cleaned stripping the top layer off to leave a nice clean looking surface. This also removes the UV filter layer not ideal and as a by-product your warranty may be affected.

3rd that rotary cleaner is being dragged forwards and backwards over the membrane, that’s not really a good idea how long before it catches?

4th unless you and the operator are structural engineers how do you know, and I mean REALLY know that roof is 100% safe to walk on?

We think its all-round a much safer way to sanitize from the floor or if needs be a MEWP that’s why we have invested £80,0000 in our state-of-the-art soft washing van, it allows us to work at ground level on 85% of all works and the rest is covered by use of a cherry picker or scissor lift. No more slipping no more catching and causing membrane failures. We allow our environmentally friendly chemicals to do the hard work of scrubbing. Notice how the technician has no heavy equipment to use the is only one small hose and an extension pole to allow us to reach the highest of pitched roofs. If you have a walkable flat roof again we simply pass the light weight hose up on the pole and carry on working no need to carry bulky items through the work place.

We focus on health and safety as well as best practice so as you would imagine we are subscribers of Safe Contractor and are currently working on the world recognised ISO9001 accreditation.

We also believe this planet is worth saving and if every one does there bit we can turn around the tide of planetary disaster, so we have invested in a fully 12 volt system which means our vehicles do not need to be left running while we clean, no noisy motors running its one of our USP’s.

We also subscribe to the Good Stewards Program where by we promise to make sure we are as environmentally friendly as possible. In this day and age its not a sales gimmick its every companies responsibility and a must.

If this wasn’t enough, we believe we are the best at what we do so we offer a free test patch to show you how we work and a free budget plan, so you know in advance what it will cost and can put it on your budget sheet.

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